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Welcome to our B2B service

If like many other successful businesses you would like to sell, offer or show Sky TV to your customers, you have come to the right place!

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  • TV Retailers
  • Marine and Yachting
  • English Language Schools
  • Sports Facilities & Clubrooms
  • Relocation Services & Agencies
  • Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants
  • Sports Bookmakers & Betting Shops


TV Retailers 

You can buy Sky Viewing Cards from us with or without the digiboxes. You will be able to offer them to your customers at a competitive price. Please contact us for a price quote. If you would simply prefer to recommend our services to your customers, you can do so against a commission payment. Please e-mail us stating your business details.






Marine and Yachting 

yachtAstrosat have been equipping some of the most luxurious yachts and passenger ferries bound for Europe. We enjoy a remarkable reputation in our sector. You too can profit from our services and Europe's best pay TV with over 300 English language channels. Increase the value of your order by equipping the yachts with the world's most modern TV platform. Your clients will receive first-class entertainment on over 300 channels, including Discovery, Fox News, Bloomberg and a thousand films per month. Your customers can tune into the latest series, US and European sports or enjoy films in breathtaking high definition (HD Ready) and Dolby Digital surround sound quality.

The elegant design of the Sky digibox integrates perfectly into any onboard entertainment system. If this option is of interest to you, please contact us.

We are entirely open to your ideas, offers and co-operation proposals. Simply let us know about them and together we'll find the solution to your needs.






English Language Schools 

english_school02Like most languages, English is easilier learnt by listening to the language with visual aids - and this is an easy matter with Sky digital! Over 300 channels, all in English, offer something for everybody. You can take out a subscription for your school or classroom, because you'll never find as many up-to-the-minute interesting programmes in English anywhere else in mainland Europe!

With SkyPlus, all of these are available to your students at a time of your choosing by the press of a button. You can even record programmes with the SkyPlus digibox at home and then take the digibox to school, connect it to the TV and show the recorded programme. You don’t even need a satellite dish connection to show the recorded programme.

Get them to take out Sky subscriptions and earn a commission. Should you so desire, you can place your order together with other students or fellow teachers at your school and receive a discounted price.




Sports Facilities and Clubrooms 

golfSky digital offers Europe's best range of sports.
The following are the types of sports covered:

Boxing, Cricket, F1 Grand Prix, Golf, Horse racing, MLB, NBA, NHL, Poker, Rugby, Snooker, Soccer, Tennis to name but a few.

Offer your members the TV channels that reflect their sporting interests and make their stay in your clubrooms even more pleasant. Additionally, you can offer your members Sky digital at attractive prices and earn a commission.

If you're engaged in a sports club as a team leader, offer your players Sky digital! This is particularly interesting for professionals and/or foreign players. We will of course pay you an agency commission - contact us for details.






Relocation Services & Agencies 

moving_boxesEntertainment should always form part of a relocation agency's portfolio. Offer your clients turnkey TV systems.

We'll jointly design an individual solution for each of your customers that delivers Sky digital or Sky plus, with over 300 English-language programmes. In addition, our commission payments will give you extra earnings. Talk to us about it!











Pubs, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants 

Offer your guests that special something in entertainment and sports. Renowned establishments throughout Europe already utilise this attractive way of offering their guests the best programmes available. There are in principle three ways of supplying such services:

- Have one programme for your guests running at the bar or some other central point
- Equip individual rooms or suites with Sky digital
- Inject one or more channels into your existing cable network

Send us an e-mail and we'll work out the best solution for your needs.

Sky digital offers Europe's best range of sports and many US sports transmissions. Show the most interesting programmes on your own premises - word will get around quickly among your clientele and increase their appetite and how long they stay!






Sports Bookmakers and Betting Shops 

Sky digital offers Europe's best range of sports. Here's a list of the sports types covered:

NHL, NBA, MLB, Horse racing, Snooker, Poke , Rugby, Cricket, Boxing, Golf, Tennis

Many betting offices in Europe already use this inexpensive and wide-ranging way of showing sports and horse racing of all kinds, and the corresponding placement of bets. No other satellite TV package offers as much sport!

Furthermore, you can directly offer interested customers Sky digital and earn additionally on our commissions - on your own premises!



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