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Sky Digibox

Designed for BSkyB's UK digital satellite services to bring you a vast choice of channels:

  • Sports
  • General Entertainment
  • Documentaries
  • Movies
  • News
  • Music
  • Lifestyle
  • Kids
  • Sky Box Office

Some of the great features include:

standard sky digibox
  • User-friendly on-screen 'SkyGuide' (EPG)
  • Widescreen Output
  • Digital CD Quality Stereo Sound
  • Updatable with over-air  Downloadable Software.



rear view of standard sky digibox

  1. Terrestrial Antenna Input - Enables the receiver to pass through analogue terrestrial RF signals to the TV and VCR
  2. RF Output - To connect the receiver to TVs & VCRs (UK versions only) without  a SCART connector
  3. 2nd RF Output -  Enables a second TV (UK versions only) in the home to receive the decoded satellite  channels. The output also supports a "magic eye", allowing the  user to remotely control the receiver from another room
  4. TV A/V SCART -  Provides either composite or RGB and composite video output. Audio volume can also be controlled in software
  5. VCR A/V SCART - Can  provide on-screen graphics to the VCR if required and inputs to  the connector can be routed to the TV SCART when the unit is in standby
  6. Analogue Audio Outputs - Users wishing to integrate the receiver into  their home theatre or stereo system can do so through these audio  outputs provided on RCA connectors. Volume can be adjusted or muted under software control
  7. RS232 - Serial port for legacy devices, game pads, upgrades and diagnostics
  8. RF Input - F-Type connector for satellite LNB
  9. Telco Modem - A V.90  PSTN return path enables interactive services such as PPV, IPPV,  home shopping and games (UK only)


  • Powered by a 175MIPS ARM 940T  32-bit RISC processor
  • Advanced  graphics rendering engine  supporting multiple overlapping graphics screen surfaces
  • High performance unified memory  controller architecture
  • Fast V90 modem return path


  • VBI Teletext and Wide Screen  Signalling support for 4:3, 14:9 and 16:9 formats

The digibox model shown above may vary in design with the actual model sent but the internal workings connections are standard throughout.

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